A few frequently asked questions
and their frequently answered answers.

Are you a clown?
If clowning is defined by a big red nose and face paint, then no, I am not a clown. If clowning is defined by a performer being fun and playful whilst creating a wonderful time for all to enjoy, then yes, I might be a clown.

As Domino I perform in the costume of a jester. It is more fairy-tale than medieval. Often I perform as themed characters to suit special events.

For medieval events I wear traditional 14th century jester’s garb and perform historically accurate skills,

at Christmas time I can perform themed shows as an elf,

and for very young or very shy children I even perform as myself.

What ages do you perform for?
I specialize in entertainment for children between the ages of 4 to 9 years old. If an audience is outside this age group then I change the style and content of my show to suit the age of the children. Younger children enjoy more physical comedy with familiar objects while older children appreciate difficult stunts and clever comedy. Experience has shown that all children enjoy playful and interactive entertainment no matter how old they are.

Can you perform for special needs children?
A major part of my work has been with children in hospitals. This includes not only sick children, but also children with developmental delays and special needs. I change my performance style to suit each audience, keeping in mind that children with special needs often respond in their own unique way.

Where do you perform?
My base is in Sandgate, a seaside suburb on the north-side of Brisbane, but I perform almost everywhere. I have performed for audiences of 10 children at backyard birthday parties and on stage for audiences of close to 2000 people at international children’s festivals. I have been in movies and on television shows. I have done shows all over Australia, from big cities to the remote Australian outback. From time to time I’ve even performed in far away places including Norfolk Island, the Middle East, South East Asia, France, Holland, England, Scotland and Toowoomba.

How much do you charge?
This depends on the type of performance, the duration of the show and the location of the venue. Contact me with the details of your event and I will be happy to give you a written quote.