About Me

My debut performance was at 5 year old when I performed a magic act to my grade one class. I don’t remember what my teacher and the rest of my class thought of the show but I do remember having a lot of fun. My performing career then went on hold for a few years (except for all the times that I was in trouble for being the class clown).

Many years later when Brisbane hosted the 1988 World Expo, I fell in love with street theatre and contemporary clowning. This led to every spare moment being devoted to learning a wide variety of circus skills.

By 1992 all the hard work started to pay off and I was able to quit my regular job to pursue a career as a full-time entertainer. In the years that followed I had the pleasure of performing thousands of shows to countless people in many wonderful places all across the world.

One career highlight was certainly the eleven years that I spent brightening the lives of sick kids in hospital when I performed as a Clown Doctor.

Time moved on so did life. To make time for my three growing kids, the hectic travelling and performing schedule was slowed right down. I’ve now got a new career as a designer to keep me busy during the week, but the fun that I had as a five year old magician is still there every time that I do a show so my performing still continues.