Handmade Shoes

Pendragon make comfortable, hard wearing and fantastic looking boots and shoes. They have always made my jester and elf shoes.

Medieval Costumes and Clothing

Asa and Contarina’s Small Luxuries

Mainly Medieval .com

Unicycles is the world’s largest online unicycle shop and well worth a look.

Juggling Stuff

JuggleArt in Melbourne have a huge range of circus equipment.

Audio and Sound Gear

Magic Tricks

I believe that some of the best magic is done with everyday objects (and a lot of practice). Have a look at your local library for magic books. You will be surprised what you can learn.

If you do need specialist equipment a few magic shops in Australia are:

Hey Presto

Taylor’s Magic Shop

Bernard’s Magic Shop

Abracadabra Magic Studio

Packing and Gear Cases

Protecting my performing equipment is very important. I get most of my cases from

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