Before you book me to perform at your event you might want to know what other people have said about Domino the Jester’s magical circus entertainment?

Read on to find out...

"Wayne could do very well for himself if he stopped being the class clown."
Written on Wayne's grade 6 report card in 1984 by Mrs. Jule Pennell,
Coomera State School
Obviously Mrs. Pennell did not appreciate having her carefully planned lessons interrupted by an aspiring comedian.

"…’creme de la crème’ entertainment for children…The performance was very entertaining, professionally presented and even educational. The audience of 26 children, ages between 5 to 13 were captivated the entire duration of the presentation.
In a nutshell it was FUN and CLEVER. The younger children are still laughing about it, the older ones are running with their imagination, they want to put together a box of tricks...
To sum it up, absolutely age appropriate for a mixed age group. BRAVO DOMINO"

Dominique Rivero
OSHC Co-ordinator

"My kids loved your shows! Now I have to be as silly as you!"
Neil Ray, who translated my shows into Auslan (sign language) at the Fun 4 Kids Festival, Warrnambool VIC

"Hi Domino, just a quick note to let you know how much my 4 year old son, and the whole family for that matter, enjoyed your show ... after he saw one of your performances, he then made it mandatory to see the rest of your shows. He was in fits of laughter and took in every word you said and every trick you performed ... Thanks for the great shows."
Garry Pugh - parent at Fun 4 Kids Festival, Warrnambool VIC

"From the minute Domino arrived the kids were captivated. They still talk about his show 6 months later."
Helane Fittell, Kindergarten Teacher, QLD

“Thank you for your fabulous performance at our community picnic. It was obvious that the show was very much enjoyed by everyone, including the adults…”
John van Welie
Westside Christian Church

"Maddie had a dream about Domino the Jester last night - she was very excited as she told us all about it in great detail (at one stage you did fall down a hole but of course did a magic trick to get out again).”
Sharyn Malcolm, Parent

"Today we had the pleasure to have Domino the Jester entertain the children and adults.
He was fantastic. Everyone loved him. The content was excellent."

Noela - librarian
Garden City Library

“I was so amazed at how captivated all the children (and adults, for that matter!) were for the duration of the show, and was thrilled with how they all genuinely enjoyed your act. My kids have been talking about 'Domino' since the party ended...and the whoopee cushion and rubber chicken from the bag of tricks are their new favourite toys!! You did a fabulous job and I'm so happy we had you come along.”

Maureen Wicks, Parent

If you still aren’t convinced why not ask to be put in contact with other people who have recently booked Domino the Jester.

“I had the great joy of seeing you 'in action' last Monday and simply had to pass on my complete delight with the fantastic job you did.

I have NEVER been even nearly as entertained by anyone and have never seen such a large group of children enthralled for such a long period of time as I did last Monday. You were without doubt the BEST CHILDREN'S entertainer I have ever been fortunate to come across.

Wayne, you completely captivated your audience (parents included) in a wonderful mix of skill and comedy.  You were totally professional, never missed a beat and had us all waiting for the next trick or joke to spill forth.  I appreciated the way you engaged the children individually (making them feel special) whilst all the time performing to the entire group as well.”

Tracy Bennet, Parent

"That Jester was so funny. He made me laugh so much I did a little wee!"

Charlotte, 5 year old


“Thankfully it was little, as she was on my lap at the time.”

Jo Volz, Charlotte’s mother

“A very talented children's entertainer. I cannot praise him highly enough.
Oh, he's a pretty good son too.”

Nancy Forrest
(Proud mother of Wayne van Wijk / Domino the Jester)

"Domino is not funny,

he is hilarious!"

Anastasia, 4 year old

“Stop working on your website and do the dishes.”
Pippa van Wijk

(often referred to as ‘The Princess’, married to Wayne and tolerates Domino the Jester)

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