4. Food

Avoid too much junk food. 20 kids on a ‘sugar high’ can have the destructive power of a small nuclear weapon.

Party food does not have to be bad for you. There are plenty of healthy choices that make fun and delicious party snacks. These can include fruit platters, sandwiches cut into shapes with a cookie cutter and fresh popped popcorn (lightly buttered).

Don’t forget to offer plenty of cold water for your guests to drink.

5. Timing the day

Do not expect that everyone will be on time. Plan activities that do not rely on having all the guests present for the first 30 minutes. Activities can include eating, making party hats, decorating party bags and playing unorganised games.

6. Games

Have a few classic party games ready to play. Always plan more than you will need just in case a particular game ends faster than you thought it would.

7. Get Help

Having a few designated helpers will make your job a lot easier. Asks friends, family and older children to be the ‘photographer’, the ‘waiter’ ot the ‘games coordinator’.

This way several people all have small jobs rather than one or two people trying to do everything.

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A little bit of advance planning can make a big difference to the success of your event.

1. The Time

If you hold your party at a meal time the chances are that your guests will be extra hungry.

Consider the time of year and local weather conditions including wind, temperature, and for afternoon parties, the time of sunset.

2. Venue

For outdoor venues (parks, backyards) ensure that there will be plenty of shade and shelter from the sun and wind.

If you are having the party at your home set up a few ‘party areas’ and ‘no go zones’. This will keep the party confined and will make cleaning up easier.

3. Entertainment

Involve your child in choosing the party entertainment.

Make sure that the entertainer who will be coming to your party has lots of relevant experience. See photos before hand to see if they look good and if possible get references from other people the performer has worked for.

A professional entertainer will carry public liability insurance and a current Blue Card (working with children check).

Book your entertainment as soon as you know party dates and times and get details of the booking in writing.

7 hints for a great kids party

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