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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your real job?

Yes it is! I gave up my old job in 1994 to become a full time entertainer. It has been my job ever since.

Are you a clown?

As Domino I perform in the costume of a medieval jester. In keeping with the look of jesters I do not wear face paint or a large red nose. The lack of a red nose often leads people to ask if I am a clown or not. If clowning is defined by a performer who is playful and fun while creating lots of laughter, then yes, I am a clown.

Do you only perform as a jester?

Most of performances are as a jester, but I have happily created performing characters to suit themed events. These  have included a classical magician, a christmas elf, a leprechaun, a pirate, an 1800's cyclist on a penny farthing, a chef, a sailor, a caveman  For very, very young children I even perform as myself.

Did you go to clown school?

Most of my circus skills have been learnt through long hours of practice. I regularly attend juggling groups and circus festivals where I learn new skills. Whenever I have the opportunity I attend workshops with experts in the field of clowning and performance skills. I have been fortunate to take workshops with clown teachers from Russia, Switzerland, New York and Australia.

What else do you do?

In addition to being a professional entertainer I am a stay at home dad for my three fabulous children, April, Fraser and Erin.

From time to time I also get involved as a teacher for community circus projects and offer assistance to emerging artists.

I also run Jester Studios, a small design business with a strong focus on artistic collaboration and product development.

How much do you charge?

This depends on a few factors. The type of performance, the duration of the show and the location of the venue are all considered when I give a quote. Contact me with the details of your event and I will be happy to offer you a written quote.

Do you have a Blue Card?

Yes, I do have a blue card (Queensland Government working with children suitability card) and carry it with me whenever I am working.

I also hold a current national police check.

Do you have Public Liability insurance?

Yes, I carry a current public liability insurance policy.

Where do you perform?

As I live in Brisbane most of my shows are in and around South East Queensland. I am always happy to travel anywhere there are children who want to be entertained.

I have entertained audiences of 10 children at backyard birthday parties and I have done shows on stage for audiences of over 1000 people at children’s festivals.

Performances have been on beaches, in theatres, in movies, on television, on radio, in hospitals, on boats and even on a roof top in the Middle East.

My shows and workshops have taken me to countless towns and cities across 6 of Australia's states and territories. I have also performed and taught  in international locations including Norfolk Island, Scotland, England, Holland, France, Jordan, Israel, Thailand and Cambodia.

What ages do you perform for?

I specialise in entertainment for children between the ages of 4 to 8 years old. If an audience is outside this age group then I change the style and content of my show to suit the age of the children. Younger children seem to enjoy physical comedy with familiar objects while older children appreciate difficult stunts and clever comedy. I have found that everybody, regardless of age, enjoys playful and interactive entertainment.

What tricks do you do?

This is a long list and includes ball juggling, club juggling, stilts, diabolo, devil stick, human balancing, and roller bola. Magic with ropes, handkerchiefs, coins, water, books, etc. Unusual cycling including a penny farthing, mini cycles, unicycles and very tall unicycles.

Do you perform for special needs children?

For at least eleven years I performed as a clown doctor for children in hospitals. This included not only sick children, but also children with developmental delays and special needs. I change my performance style to suit each audience, keeping in mind that children with special needs often respond in their own unique way. I have even performed shows with AUSLAN interpreters.

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