The Birthday Party Show

Make your child’s party an event that you will love to remember! Domino’s high energy, laughter filled show is a big mix of circus skills, magic tricks and heaps of silliness that will guarantee lots of fun and laughter.

Things will appear and disappear, there will be juggling and balancing, and the 'jumping a unicycle over a rubber chicken' finale will have the kids cheering for more.

The best bit is when the birthday child gets to be the magician's assistant. They even get to keep the magic wand.

The show runs for 40 minutes which is perfect for the birthday party setting.

Every show includes:
-a present for the birthday child
-a small giveaway for every child
-happy memories that will last for years

“Hi Wayne,
Paul and I just wanted to thank you for appearing at Lachie's Birthday Party this afternoon. It was just so entertaining - fantastic! To see the look of excitement and entertainment on the kids’ faces was sensational. Lachie had the most fun he has ever had at a party - it was great to see him participating and laughing.

We heard nothing but praise from all the parents. Some said they had been to parties where performers had appeared and they and their children were often disappointed because the performer just didn't 'understand what the children liked'. But your performance was different - they loved it.

Thank you so much.”

P & J Hardie

"Dear Domino,
I am writing to you to express just how delighted we were with your performance at my daughter's party on Sunday.
The children (not to mention the adults!) thought you were wonderful.  It was such a joy to hear all that laughter and to see the children so engaged and so happy.  We all think it was the best birthday party Jay has ever had.
Thank you again, and all the best for the deserve success!!!"

D & D Lacey.

“You did such a great job on my older son's birthday I was wondering if you would be available for my second son's 7th birthday party.”

J Devlin

Age Appropriate

Every show is ‘fine tuned’ to suit the age of the children at your party. This ensures that your guests will have the most amount of fun possible. A show for 4 year olds will be very different than a show for 9 year olds. If there is a large age range at the party then this is also catered for.

"'s amazing how you managed to get the children's rapt attention for half an hour!"

D Edney

"G’day Wayne.  You performed at my daughter Sophia’s 5th birthday party last year ... I can only assume that you will be required to perform at her party for the next 5 years!  She still talks about it".

D Cantwell

"... the parents had as much fun as the children."

L Hagedoorn

A few notes on my kids shows

Show Time?

I recommend that the show begins at least 30 minutes after the party starts. That way any guests who are running late won’t miss out on the fun.

Food, Pets and Other Distractions

During the show please make sure that all pets are put away, the music is turned down and other potential distractions are removed. Doing this will help your child get the most enjoyment from the party entertainment. Food should not be served during the show as this is a very big distraction (kids can easily last for 40 minutes without eating). Parents are more than welcome to watch the show. If the adults would rather use the show time as an opportunity to have a chat then please make sure they do this where they will not distract the people who are watching the show.

Dangerous Things

I don’t use dangerous things like fire or knives in my kids shows. Children learn through repeating what they see. Actions speak louder than words.

I believe that if a performer says to a child “Don’t play with fire, it is dangerous” or “Knives are only to be used by adults” and then the performer does something fun, magical or amazing with fire or knives, the child is likely to want to try it for themselves later on.

Your children should learn how to use potentially dangerous things safely with competent adult supervision, in a suitable environment, not by trying to copy the routines of a professional magician or juggler.

Balloon Animals

Making an animal from a balloon is one of the funniest bits of my show.

BUT... before you book me (or any other entertainer) to make balloons for all the kids at your party I want to be very honest with you. These are the reasons why I do not encourage parents to have balloon animals as giveaways at kids parties.

  1. Most Brisbane parties are held outdoors.

  2. Grass, gardens, other landscaping bits and hot weather are the #1 enemies of the balloon animal.

  3. Balloons are fragile toys and kids get very sad if their balloon animal pops.

  4. Generally kids would rather go and play with their friends instead of spending the party sitting and waiting for their turn to get a balloon.

  5. Picking up broken balloons from your garden is not the most relaxing thing to do after your child's party.

  6. I have lots of other fun giveaways for the children to receive. If you still really want to have balloon animals as giveaways please let me know.

Domino the Jester is a very popular Brisbane based children’s entertainer. If you are looking for a magician in Brisbane, a juggler in Brisbane or a clown in Brisbane then you really should book Domino the Jester. He is a magician, clown and juggler all rolled into one very versatile circus performer. Great for festivals, stage shows, roving entertainment and private parties.

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